Mukhy lets the good vibes roll in the new music video for single, "Posh Life".

Mukhy certainly has plenty to celebrate. His 2021 was a year to remember, where he took advantage of his risky choice to quit his City job in the midst of the pandemic and pursue his teenage fantasy of a rap career. It was a choice that paid off richly, leading to the venerated success of his debut EP, ‘Posh Nation’.


There’s a lot to feel good about, and that’s an attitude that perfectly informs the first hit of Mukhy’s 2022 era – the new single ‘Posh Life’. Recalling the first EP, it’s a development of his music that’s accompanied by a music video that’s all brash confidence and good vibes. With Mukhy’s slick bars guiding the viewer through, the video takes in a party so big it stretches from Lagos to London and back, fusing the two aspects of the British-Nigerian artist’s identity.


Explaining all the positive energy that went into recording the track, Mukhy states, “I recorded ‘Posh Life’ after an ex attempted to make me feel jealous. I don’t really emit that type of energy, so instead, I walked up to the guy next to her and said the opening line, ‘See the gyal on your shoulder, that’s my old spice’. Safe to say he did not take it well. The braggadocious feeling stuck with me when I got to the studio and ‘Posh Life’ was the result of that session. Essentially though, ‘Posh Life’ is all about having a good time and living a good life, staying away from envy, bad vibes and negative energy, and exuding positivity”.


With a second EP on the way this year, it’s certain that Mukhy has plenty more to celebrate in the months to come.

Watch the music video: