These Brittle Bones is back with a new sound, marked by the release of the single "Postscript": ambient music, but not as we know it.

Welsh-Singaporean producer and musician Chris Jones is back with his musical project These Brittle Bones, ushering in a new era of releases with his new single “Postscript”.


Having spent lockdown in various locations including Wales, Singapore and London, These Brittle Bones has had plenty of time to reflect. During this time, he furthered his literary inspirations, drawing on poets and writers such as Ezra Pound and Virginia Woolf. Not only this, but he has discussed delving deeper into his love of crossover ambient/classical music. This experience has led to a body of work that imbues calm tranquility, often characterised by synthesiser and piano lines.


His new single “Postscript” is an example of  the impact of these various artistic realms. It is accompanied by a piece of looping modernistic digital artwork by US artist Cale Peeples, Jones’ eye ever on the creative detail.


Speaking on the release, Jones demonstrates the complexities of the track: “ Postscript is literally a ‘post-script’ – beyond words – but also a ‘P.S.’  – a retrospective statement, after the event, a few years after I last released music. In other ways, it’s also inspired by a striking Seamus Heaney poem of the same name.”





Stream the single below:

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