Spacey Blak’s just dropped the Afro-pop hit we’ve all been craving, "Pounded Yam" out now.

As the temperatures finally starting to creep up and the evenings are getting longer, our appetite for a summer hit is growing by the day. Spacey Blak’s new track, “Pounded Yam” is a playful and witty offering to satiate our musical cravings. With his crisp vocals and catchy hooks, Spacey combines alternative Afro-pop sounds with hip-hop sensibilities. And that’s before mentioning the addition of the tambourine, conga, and castanets that give the single its feel-good, groovy vibe. 


This isn’t Spacey’s first foray into music, mind. In fact, he’s something of a veteran. The Hackney-hailing artist has an impressive lineup of credits from COLORS alumni Jaz Karis to R’n’B artist Taliwhoah. He’s been producing for over a decade and is now spending time perfecting his own sound. “Pounded Yam” is his third studio single, after recent tunes “Loveman” and “Sober”. But that’s not all he has on the cards. A week after debuting his first project of 2023, he brought out EP “Space Cassette: Cosmo Love Volume 1”, a style-bending collection of songs that reflect his clever wit. 


Speaking on the meaning behind “Pounded Yam”, Spacey explains, Let me pound some yam tonight was the first line that came to him while listening to a loop he’d created. “I instantly knew what the song was going to be about and the rest of the lyrics ensued. I recorded a demo and produced the song till it felt right. I want to create a feel-good love song drenched in two things very dear to me, food & culture”. 

Stream "Pounded Yam" below.