UK rap's man of the moment Pozer talks making a hit from your debut single, working with no boundaries and being sent to bed by the sweet tones of Beyoncé.

Pozer’s rise in 2024 has been nothing short of remarkable. Peaking at 22 in the UK charts, his debut single, ‘Kitchen Stove’, garnered a devoted fanbase gripped by the vivid street rap anthem and its bouncy jersey club-cum-UK drill production. Tinged with psychedelic trance, the instrumental is like nothing we’ve heard from a British wordsmith before; he’s an artist hell-bent on creating something new and not consigning to any pre-existing formulas.


Before he blew, Pozer posted a series of dexterous freestyles to Instagram and TikTok, smoking a zoot, eyes barely open, but spitting hood witticisms with the nonchalance of a young Fredo, Nines, Skrapz or any other Mount Rushmore road rapper you can think of. Breaking the internet again, three weeks ago, Mixtape Madness uploaded his ‘Next Up?’ performance, where he crunches through more punchlines that depict the realities of life on the road and his willingness to progress out of them.


Support from DJ Semxtex and Kenny Allstar and cosigns by Dave and Nemzzz have accelerated Pozer into the spotlight, his poetic charm resonating with some of the country’s biggest tastemakers. Like his fans, they’ve all eagerly waited his new single, ‘Malicious Intentions’, which he’s vociferously teased online and finally dropped today.


Here, Pozer talks making a hit from your debut single, working with no boundaries and being sent to bed by the sweet tones of Beyoncé.

Congratulations on your recent success, how has life been since you released your viral hit, ‘Kitchen Stove’? 

Life’s been good. My manager has locked me in the studio. I”ve been putting in the hours, adapting to the music scene and learning the industry as much as I can. 

When did you start making music? What kick-started everything, and what is your earliest memory of music? 

I started rapping properly in September 2018 or 2019, but I’ve only really started getting traction recently. Everything’s happened so fast since the snippet of ‘Kitchen Stove’ was released. I’ve been getting a lot of energy and a lot of love. My earliest memory of music comes from my mum. I’d go to bed, she’d put on her bangers, and we’d just go to sleep, listening to Beyoncé and funky house, like Crazy Cousinz.

So, you grew up in Croydon. How has growing up in south London influenced not only your music but how you approach life? 

Being from south London, Croydon especially, I feel like you get two choices. With the music, you can decide whether you want to branch out and do what’s right for you or you can do what’s socially acceptable. It’s influenced my music because I‘m not afraid to step outside the box and do things that another person would see me do and say it’s out of the ordinary. 

‘Kitchen Stove’, was released in February and has had a meteoric rise since. Can you tell us more about the process of making that track and its inspiration? 

The inspiration for Kitchen Stove came from my life. I was thinking about the easiest way of giving people the tip of the iceberg, starting the story. I wanted to have a very strong start and that energy went into Kitchen Stove. When I made it, I was still working, so I was writing it in the morning on the way to work on the bus. I’d write when the customers left the shop, sitting in the little corner on my phone or on my break. Any minute I could really.

Alongside artists like Nemzzz, who you’ve collaborated with on the ‘Kitchen Stove Remix’, you’re pushing a wave of Jersey drill here in the UK. Why do you think people are so receptive to the genre? 

I feel like people are just ready for the new sound now. I feel like it’s a very undeniable sound. It’s fresh, very fresh. 

You have co-signs from some legendary names. Is there anyone you were particularly surprised to see praise from? What do they mean to you and the music you make? 

When I saw Dave had followed me, I was very surprised. DJ Semtex has been supporting me from early, I have to always give it to him. 

What has been the most exciting thing to happen in your career as an artist, and what’s on your bucket list for the near future? 

 I think the most exciting thing at this moment, is that I’m gaining a really strong fan base who are keen to see what’s going on. I appreciate them for that. I’m also very excited to leave the country and tour, link up with other artists and start workingMaking different types of music, I don’t confine myself into a box. I know there’s a lot more that I can do.  

Pozer rules the world for a day, what’s going down? 

 If I was to rule the world for a day, I’d cure world hunger, and famine, I’d make the world normal again. 

What more can we expect from Pozer this year? 

More music, more movies and toursI want to link up with your favourite artists. Literally let me know and I’ll do it.  

Listen to 'Malicious Intentions' now: