BIIANCO and MOONZz have dropped a dynamic new collab, "pray2u".

Some collaborations are just meant to be. When queer-femme dream-pop artist BIIANCO and dynamic pop star MOONZz came together in Los Angeles at the end of the last year, creative ideas instantly sparked. Discovering that they shared the same birthday, the two artists got to work almost immediately, spurred on by the furious creative energy of a new partnership that just clicked.


The results of that collab are a perfect insight into the just-rightness of that creative partnership, turning that feeling and investing it into a story of messy and explosive love at first sight, and the rollercoaster of emotions that it creates. Their song “pray2u” is a fittingly restless bop of a tune that coasts on a non-stop wave of energy and fun, insistent synth and passionate vocals combining to create a sense of overwhelming feeling and inspiration.


The pair found inspiration in another work of unashamed maximalism – the hit teen drama Euphoria. In the music video, BIIANCO and MOONZz pay tribute to two of the most iconic make-up looks in a show full of them, that of the friendship pair Maddy and Cassie. Fortunately (season two spoilers!) this is a much more harmonious, and indeed productive, friendship than that particular one, but it has the same almost-too-much energy and sense of life, which is right there in the song.

Listen here:


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