Fresh pop artist, Heckyl, celebrates living in the moment with his debut track “Preacher”.

With a previous body of work under his own name, Luke Potter is no stranger to musical success, releasing tracks such as “Something More – Andrelli Remix” which has over 18 million streams on Spotify alone. Now rebranding as Heckyl, his new project focuses on the inner demons plaguing us all, a world where anxiety, love and creativity come together, especially apt in the current climate.


As an experienced producer, Heckyl wrote, produced and recorded his new single “Preacher” himself. Synth-lead with bouncing percussion and vocal samples, the track speaks to melody of a modern-day pop song. Talking on the track, he states “Preacher is about living in the moment and appreciating what you have in life, not chasing the things you don’t need.”


With many more tracks to follow, this new look marks an exciting step for this songwriter and producer with a vast potential.

Listen to "Preacher" below: