Notion 76 Rita Ora



Rita Ora has had a turbulent rise to fame. Arriving seemingly out of nowhere, the singer’s introduction to the world was on the first drum n bass single ever to hit number one; she’d penned a deal with Roc Nation by the time she was 18.

Then came her debut album, an arrow clearly aimed straight at the heart of the charts. Ora cemented herself as one of the new faces of British pop, but as time went on, she was releasing less and less music, feeding fans with the odd single and occasional talk of a new album. Undeterred she became an unavoidable presence, hosting America’s Next Model and becoming a judge on The Voice and The X Factor. Now, at last, her second album is ready, and Rita Ora is set to return to the charts for good.

For our cover story, we got our ears on her new work and spoke to Rita Ora about new beginnings, working with Ed Sheeran and keeping things close this time around.