In a collision of Lagos energy and Liverpool cool, Afropop and R&B singer songwriter Yetunde drops her latest track, 'Promise'.

Born in the rhythmic heart of Nigeria and raised amidst the iconic sounds of Liverpool, Yetunde fuses her rich cultural heritage throughout her musical catalogue, and ‘Promise’ stands as testament to this. The single unfurls with an African-inspired chant— paying homage to Yetunde’s roots— that paves the way for a sonic journey that fuses geographical boundaries. ‘Promise’ is a love song – and it encapsulates a tumultuous dance of new love while remaining true to one’s identity. Yetunde’s artistry emerges as she intertwines universal emotions, transforming them into an immersive musical experience.


Bridging her Nigerian roots with a British upbringing, Yetunde draws inspiration from a diverse array of musical legends, including Fela Kuti, The Beatles, Wizkid, SZA, and Stevie Wonder. Her genre-hopping finesse sees the new-coming artist seamlessly transition from pop to rock, R&B to Afrobeats, not forgetting the subtle hints of country.


‘Promise’ is an introduction to Yetunde’s artistry, but also a proclamation about the ever-evolving nature of Afrobeats. For Yetunde, the genre is a dynamic canvas, ready to embrace new interpretations and sounds, with ‘Promise’ serving as a testament to her vision.


As a British Nigerian artist, Yetunde’s music serves as a dialogue exploring life, love, and longing with a sensuality. The melodic narrative unfolds against a canvas of diverse genres, inviting listeners on a journey through Yetunde’s soundscape.


With ‘Promise’,  Yetunde establishes herself not just as an artist but also as a sonic storyteller. Striving to captivate audiences both in the studio and on stage, Yetunde emerges as a formidable, fresh force in the dynamic realms of Afropop and R&B.


Listen to 'Promise' now: