The electronic producer's new EP invites listeners into a 'Melodark' place for self-reflection.

The electronic music producer and DJ HOZHO, born Joel Monteiro, is encouraging introspection with his new EP, PSYCHE – listeners should sit and ponder before taking to the dancefloor. Dropped in October, the project adds a new dimension to HOZHO’s already popular discography, characterised by his signature ‘Melodark’ sound. Crafted with longtime friend and collaborator Black Hertz, the three-track project skillfully intertwines complex instrumentals with ethereal melodies and confronting beats. 


Based in Portugal, HOZHO is deeply inspired by minimal techno, the genre’s lyricless nature sparks a curiosity in him to profoundly contemplate the meaning and effects of sonics. When it comes to producing new music, HOZHO looks to philosophy – and becomes somewhat existentialist – as the springboard for ideas. 


Freudian concepts underlie PSYCHE, each track – namely ID, EGO and SUPEREGO – and melody within them is designed to stimulate a different part of the brain and switch on the senses. HOZHO may not be a hypnotist yet, but this immersive, contemplative EP is a step in the right direction.

Listen to PSYCHE by HOZHO here: