Nova Scotia-born Loviet re-introduces herself with the single “Pull Up” from her new album ‘777’.

With last year’s three-song EP ‘Everyone Knows the Thrill When it’s Over’, Loviet gave the world a taste of what her latest album ‘777’ has to offer. Creating the initial track at a kitchen table during a 14-day quarantine, all seven songs were written, recorded and produced during 2020’s planet-wide period of self-reflection. These frustrations are translated in songs such as “Dullshine”, “Jawbreaker” and “Make Me Wanna Die”, Loviet mastering a cathartic flavour wrapped in poetic power. 


Album single, “Pull Up”, is quintessential indie electro-pop, showing off Loviet’s vocal and songwriting style: signature, shimmery hooks with emotionally honest lyrics. Again, translating relatable frustrations, Loviet describes the single’s attempt to “reach back to a place that’s earthy and cathartic” whilst she is “being pulled forward in the viscous cycles of social media and modernity”. This desire for peace within areas of conflict runs throughout the album, as existential sparring with the future duets with classic 90’s grunge and 80’s synth. 


Going out on a UK/EU tour in February, Loviet’s London, Birmingham, and Manchester dates are not to be missed.