In Notion 94, we meet the non-profit, Brighton-based skate collective founded by a bunch of like-minded, creative skaters.

Existing to help grow and expand the current LGBTQIA+ and women skate community, Queer Skate Brighton is a collective aiming to promote inclusivity and create awareness all whilst building a safe community for marginalised people.   


“QSB is not about turning a profit, it is about creating something authentic”, the collective’s founder Jess Fleischhack tells us, “It is about getting a group of people together who wouldn’t normally fit into the mould of the ‘generic skateboarding standards’ and thinking ‘fuck that we are going to skate’!” They explain, “We want to change solidified attitudes on skateboarding: the aim is to create not only a collective, but to create awareness and implement change to the wider society and communities. We strive for skating to become more welcoming and inclusive for LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, women and non-binary people.”  


Captured by photographer Grace Bristo, the members also emphasised the importance of the collective to them, writing handwritten letters explaining about what skating has done for them and how it has enhanced their lives. Meet Queer Skate Brighton… 


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