Gothic visionary GEISTHA shares new single “R0CKST4RS”, the latest from their forthcoming debut album.

GEISTHA is an alt-rock artist slowly building a strong collection of alternative cuts. Fluctuating between genres, the artist simultaneously shapes their music through various themes, with gender identity at the core of their work. 


Finding a love for music through their parents’ record collection, GEISTHA is drawn to dark tendencies and takes interest in the work of acclaimed projects Depeche Mode, Annie Lennox and Joy Division. Working towards their own authentic sound, the artist shapes alluring and vivid images through electronic-infused sounds. 


Currently working on the release of their debut album, “R0CKST4RS” sees the fifth single-release and it doesn’t disappoint. Speaking about the track GEISTHA says: “My new single “R0CKST4RS” is a gloomy hymn, a mantra for all the beautifully lost souls. It’s my soundtrack for all the queer kids, the ones that never fit in, the misfits and outsiders. It’s a tune for all those that find comfort in the night, on dance floors drenched in nostalgia. It’s the feeling of running through the dark, drunk on euphoria, convinced that you’ll never die. It’s a hymn to youth and to the ones that never really want to grow up”.

Stream "GEISTHA" below: