Shadez The Misfit is back with the personal new track, "RAISED ME", an ode to his roots in South London.

Shadez The Misfit’s name is a statement of intent – showing an artist who’s unafraid to step outside of the easy boxes society has created for him and walk his own path, even when it’s difficult.


The South London creative has certainly lived up to that statement in his work, allying with top brands and earning a Mercury Prize nomination for his work co-writing songs on BERWYN’s debut mixtape in 2021. His own music has also proven to be highly successful, with his debut single “Ne Plus Ultra” notching a spot in the UK Top 40.


He’s back for more and pushing things even further with his new tune, “RAISED ME”. Delivered as a stream of consciousness, the track presents key moments that have shaped the rapper’s perspective in an audio diary style. Hypnotic drums and Misfit’s unique vocal combine for a truly unforgettable song that’s an homage to the place that raised him… South London.

Listen below: