British singer-songwriter Waiting for Smith takes a pause amidst life's chaos in debut album Raised Up.

Harry Lloyd—the man behind Waiting for Smith—once had his heart set on mastering the slopes. As a ski instructor in the French Alps, his world was turned upside down by an avalanche that broke his back and confined him to bed for a year. During this intense period of recovery, he had a pivotal epiphany: if he could walk again, he would devote himself to music. With sheer determination, Harry learned to play the guitar while bedridden, and from this resilience, Waiting For Smith was born.


Carrying these same otherworldly beginnings into the foundations of his music, Waiting for Smith spreads joy with every note. His soundscapes beckon listeners into a tranquil oasis, pushing aside life’s daily distractions. With a crisp, refreshing sound, he bares his soul through mellow productions that serve as the perfect backdrop to his wistful lyrics, whisking up moments of pure solace.


Staying true to his hallmark style of stripped-back production, Waiting for Smith’s debut album Raised Up is no exception. Honing in on a sound that captures the uplifting, introspective and sometimes painful reality of letting go, the album captures the moments when one decides to commit to more of a conscious moment. The titular lead single ‘Raised up’ is testimony to his unique flair, focusing on raising up to “our greatest potential, free of the ego,” With the acoustic guitar the only instrument within the instrumental, Waiting for Smith’s mellifluous vocals swoop the soundscape with delicacy, gradually building in intensity as it crescendos, creating a powerful and long-lasting musical journey.


When asked about the inspiration behind the album, Waiting for Smith explained, “I feel this LP can help reduce your anxiety and feelings of unworthiness, and I really want it to increase your happiness, increase your feelings of positivity, and raise you up to a state of vibrational joy – like it has for me. As someone who has experienced a lot of pain – both mentally and physically, from breaking my back to overcoming severe mental health struggles and dying for 5 minutes only to come out the other side to feel joy most days – I want to share this message of joy that I’ve found with others: my family, friends, my love, my listeners, and really anyone I meet.”

Listen to Raised Up now: