Raleigh Ritchie discusses the making of his cathartic new album 'Andy' with its collaborators Chad, the Polymath, Chris Loco and Rosie Danvers.

Following his 2016 debut record, ‘You’re a Man Now, Boy’, Raleigh Ritchie has shared the highly anticipated sophomore album, ‘Andy’. If his debut was candid, the follow up is even more introspective and cathartic.


Continuing in the R&B tone from his first offering, ‘Andy’ also leans into pop, electronic and soul soundscapes on popular pre-released tracks such as “Sadboi” and “Aristocrats”. The album sees Ritchie dig deep into his innermost thoughts, feelings and experiences, as he sings on “Aristocrats”: “I’ve got memories I suppress, so there/ I guess I’ll just forget it again/ It’s easier that way.”


Bristol-born but living in London, fans have had to wait four years for another full-length offering from the artist. In that time, Ritchie has become known for his turn in Game of Thrones as Grey Worm. Luckily, his return showcases his adept lyrical ability, writing gut-punching, relatable lines such as “I cope badly when I’m madly, deeply alone/ Knee deep in stone… Down and out is my default/ I thrive on, drive on high results”.


In an exclusive conversation for Notion, Raleigh Ritchie (AKA Jacob Anderson) speaks with his album collaborators, Chad, the Polymath (also in Ritchie’s band), Chris Loco (Producer) and Rosie Danvers (Wired Strings, strings arrangement).


Watch their conversation below via Notion’s IGTV.

Listen to Raleigh Ritchie's new album, 'Andy', below: