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  • BTS Photography Irfandhia (Adul)
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  • Fashion Team Agam Muharzan & Vita Khairunissa
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RAMENGVRL gives Notion an exclusive look behind the scenes as she shoots the music video for new single "I'm Ugly".

RAMENGVRL returns with her first offering since her critically acclaimed debut album ‘Can’t Speak English’ last year – which unpacked racist stereotypes towards Asians with a tongue-in-cheek title. Now, the rising artist is back with new single “I’m Ugly” and an accompanying music video.


“I’m Ugly” signals an exciting new chapter for RAMENGVRL after she sealed a major new deal with Warner Music. Produced by eccentric Korean-based UK beatmaker ROMderful (TOBi, Duckwrth, Jean Deaux), “I’m Ugly” blends UK hip-hop and grime-influenced rhythms with RAMENGVRL’s swaggering vocals. It’s an empowering anthem, especially in the line, “Yes I be ugly and yes you be pretty / but I be evolving and you haters stuck.”


“This song is about shutting down people who like to bring us down by telling us we’re ugly or we’re not up to societies standards, but lemme tell you something: if you’re in your bag and you’re killing the game, then you ain’t ugly. IN FACT, I’d much rather be ugly with a Prada bag than be pretty with a lotta debt – perioooood! This song is for all the “ugly b*tches” out there, who might not fit society’s standards of “beauty”, but are super confident, securing the bag and basically killin’ it in their own way”, RAMENGVRL says about the single.

A Forbes 30 Under 30 artist, RAMENGVRL’s “I’m Ugly” music video hits out at society’s unhealthy obsession around achieving a universal standard of beauty. In the track and quirky music video, RAMENGVRL examines themes such as loss of identity and the pressure many people can feel to get surgery. Speaking on the visuals, she says: “I’m bringing some of my friends (who are all baddies, respectfully) and they’re giving realness, they’re giving beauté but also comedy. What I want people to understand is that, if people say you’re ugly or they’re commenting on your body, your face or whatever, f*ck them. Coz look at us! We get comments like that any time of the week but we still get our bags, we serving looks, we laugh it off, we had fun. None of those standards matter,”


Take a look behind the scenes below!

Watch the music video for "I'm Ugly" below: