This week on Rated Reads explores an interview with Florence Welch, celebrity Disneyland fixations and parental apology fantasies.

Florence Welch Talks New Music, Sobriety And The Lure Of Motherhood

After a four-year hiatus, Florence Welch is back in action next month with her fifth studio album, ‘Dance Fever’, which marks another sea change for the ever-evolving artist who is coming up to 15 years on the UK music scene. Vogue sits down with Florence to chat about moving beyond the tumult of her early career and the creativity she’s found in stillness.

Why are celebrities so obsessed with Disneyland?

Disneyland – it’s not just for kids! It’s also for adult celebrities like the Kardashian-Jenners or another member of the Kardashian-Jenners, which is actually a really big family (and also the likes of Cardi B and Paris Hilton, currently uninvolved with the family). For i-D, Marianne Eloise tackles the questionable appeal of teacup rides and photo opportunities with Mickey for the discerning adult celebrity. The answer is something to do with California.

Hollywood’s hot new trend: Parents who say they’re sorry

Most people would like their parents to apologise for something, but most people aren’t filmmakers. The classic Hollywood child and parent story might feature a child coming to appreciate their parents’ sacrifices – but no longer! Or at least, less so. Emily St. James at Vox tackles a new subversion of that classic template, seen in films like Turning Red and Everything Everywhere All At Once, where parents face up to the damage they’ve done to their kids and apologise.

Marilyn Monroe was a remarkable actor – so why are we only fixated on her death?

The Netflix true crime industrial complex is capable of turning any story into a hit viral documentary, as long as you don’t think too hard about the ethics of it all. Adam White takes a look at a new documentary that examines the circumstances surrounding Hollywood starlet Marilyn Monroe’s death, and how it represents a trend of turning complicated real life figures into salacious stories.

The Complicated Ethics of Facetuning Your Friends

People have been embellishing photos of themselves as long as the word “daguerrotype” has been impossible to pronounce (seriously, try it) – but what about embellishing photos of others on their behalf? That’s a modern ethical quandary for you, which Vice examines with regard to both sides of the issue. Should friends let friends FaceTune?

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