This week's Rated Reads looks at an interview with former Arya Stark actress Maisie Williams, a celebration of Channing Tatum's return and an oral history of Derry Girls.

Growing up famous is never easy – but growing up really famous is harder. For eight years, viewing audiences around the world saw Maisie Williams grow from a child to an adult in the guise of teen assassin and Night King killer Arya Stark. But, fortunately, there’s life after Game of Thrones. For GQ, Douglas Greenwood catches up with Williams to see how she’s moved on from her star-making role, and how she’s chosen to be herself over being Arya.

Channing Tatum and the eternal appeal of Hollywood’s himbo king

He’s been gone too long from Hollywood, but thankfully Channing Tatum is back in style. His man-and-dog road trip film Dog released earlier this year, and now he’s bringing back the original studio romantic comedy alongside Sandra Bullock in The Lost City, which hits UK cinemas this week. Adam White at The Independent celebrates the lasting appeal of the himbo king who has made playing good-natured dummies his stock in trade.

‘Nothing Will Ever Be Like It Again’: The Oral History of ‘Derry Girls’

After a long three-year wait, Channel 4’s beloved sitcom Derry Girls is back on screens for its third and final season. It’s leaving behind quite the legacy, and VICE delves deep by talking to all the important players behind the show about the unexpected success of a comedy about the Northern Irish Troubles, and what it’s meant for the town of Derry.

R&B singer Omar Apollo: ‘Growing up, I was called slurs. But on the internet people are very open’

Omar Apollo has just released his debut album, but it wasn’t an easy journey to make it there. Across the five years of his career, he’s dealt with a perfectionist instinct to scrap and redo different versions of his music, making ‘Ivory’ the result of a long process indeed. He chats to The Guardian about exploring his queerness through music, Trump-era racism and his humble beginnings.

How Killing Eve’s Disappointing Finale Missed The Mark

No spoilers, we promise, but the final episode of Killing Eve aired this past week, and it would be lying to say that fans were happy with how it all wrapped up. For context, it’s currently sitting at a 2.6/10 on IMDB, when even Game of Thrones‘ hated final episode managed a 4. With a full spoiler note, Emily Bashforth explores just why that ending is a betrayal for the show’s queer audience.

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