Rated Reads is a new vertical sharing our pick of the best articles from around the web. This week: are brain microchips the future of music listening? The Met Gala is back, plus more.

Brain Chips and Biometrics: The Future of How We’ll Consume Music

Danny Wright forecasts for Vice that biometrics are going to rule our lives one day, and thus the way we listen to music will change. Tech companies are working to hyper-personalise our music, from apps that will adapt music in real-time to your running cadence, to Elon Musk’s (of course) neuroscience company working on an audio chip that streams music directly into your brain, the future is coming – fast.

In Conversation: Daniel Dae Kim
The actor built a career by picking his battles. He still believes Hollywood can be reformed.

For Vulture, E. Alex Jung interviews actor Daniel Dae Kim, who at age 52, finally has his first lead role. They speak about his current film projects, his breakout role in Lost, Korean representation in TV and film, Asian American pay inequality, and much more.

A Naked Amsterdam: A Summer Without Tourists

For Trippin, Amsterdam native, Georgina Ustik, looks at overtourism in her city, one of the world’s most visited spots. Each year, almost 20 million people head to Amsterdam, and whilst tourism generates a lot of money for the country’s economy, there are more negatives to it than positives. Environmental pollution, habitat destruction, overcrowded cities and bad behaviour from visitors. “Post COVID-19 travel must change and if we want to inhabit the Earth without irreversibly damaging it in the next century, we better make sure these changes are intentional and sustainable”, she writes.


Met Gala 2021: Everything You Need To Know

With last year’s Met Gala postponed due to the pandemic, a two-part Met Gala has been announced for 2021 and 2022. If you want to scrub up on what to expect from one of fashion’s biggest events, who better to inform you than Vogue?

Carey Mulligan and Emerald Fennell: ‘The experience of so many victims is that everyone wants you to let it go’

The star and director of ‘Promising Young Woman’ are interviewed by Clarisse Loughrey for The Independent on how the movie ‘weaponises femininity’, including discussions on misogyny in film criticism and the heroine, Cassie’s “empty catharsis”.

The powerful #MeToo thriller “with a surrealist edge” has won six nominations at the Baftas and five at the Oscars, so needless to say, it’s on our watch list this week.

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