Rated Reads shares our pick of the best articles from around the web. This week: how Princess Diana became a Gen-Z idol and the adorable rodent taking over the internet.

How Spencer, The Crown and the internet turned Princess Diana into a Gen-Z queen

Adam England explores why there has been a Princess Diana frenzy, with members of Gen-Z dedicating their time to Facebook groups in honour of the royal.

“It’s become a real – if unlikely – community. But is it all purely ironic? Or is it true love? For Jordan Taylor-O’Neill, a 23-year-old Diana fan, it’s a bit of both. ‘My love and respect for Diana is absolutely real, but the way I express that is very tongue-in-cheek,” she says. “I’ve always had respect for her, but it’s become more exaggerated as the memes have become more common and people have learned more about her life as a result.'”

With Spencer out in cinemas now, this storm shows no sign of abating.

Why Is Everyone Suddenly Obsessed With This Giant Rodent?

The cutest animal in existence has finally been given the attention it deserves.

“Measuring about a meter long and weighing 50 kilograms on average, the capybara has the barrel body shape of a pig, tiptoes around on its webbed feet, looks like an upsized guinea pig, and exudes the nonchalance of a river stone. The social creatures live in a herd, but they are so chronically chill that some people have taken to calling a clique of capybaras a meditation,” Koh Ewe writes.


K-Trap: ‘Drill has lost its authenticity’

The inimitable K-Trap chats to Robert Kazandjian about authenticity, his new project and much more.

On the drill scene, the artist says: “It’s good and it’s healthy, but it’s bad in certain ways too. It’s changing people’s lives, innit. That’s the main thing for me. But the people they push forward as drill artists, the categories they put people in and what they call drill music now, I don’t really understand or condone it.”

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