Rated Reads this week takes a look at the anti-aestheticisation of Instagram, the BRITs' struggle to stay relevant and comedy's latest existential crisis.

Why Everyone’s Instagram Looks Ugly Now

We’re a long way from the aesthetic era of perfectly ordered latte art and pastel wallpaper, aren’t we? You’re likelier to see long photo dumps which include a low-res meme of Sonic the Hedgehog and a screenshot of January 18th’s Wordle these days. For Vice, Daisy Jones takes a look at the era of the anti-aesthetic, where real and unfiltered life has become a kind of filter of its own. Meta.

Worthy winners aside, the BRITs is struggling to keep pace with modern pop

This week’s BRITs marked a feast of contemporary British talent, from Adele to Sam Fender to Holly Humberstone to Little Simz to Dave, but Alexis Petridis at The Guardian argues that the awards ceremony is failing to stay up to date with current trends, in spite of all the TikTok voting and exclusive NFTs that were laid on for “younger audiences” to invest in. It’s difficult keeping pace with all those zoomers and their Snapchats.

Comedy’s existential crisis

Comedy. It’s about making people laugh, right? Wrong. Well, mostly. Stand-up has become far more of a complicated medium in recent years, caught between confessional monologues and traditional joke telling. Also, there’s the whole lengthy existential crisis about the spectre of ‘cancel culture’ threatening comedians’ rights to be racist. Aja Romano unpacks the difficult layers of what it means to be funny in distinctly unfunny times for Vox.



A Hallowed London Jazz Club Comes to Life Onscreen

Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club has been a staple venue for the jazz scene in London for decades, and was a true hotspot for some of the genre’s finest days in the 1960s. The New York Times has the latest on a new documentary that sheds a light on both the nightclub and its reclusive owner, whose connections brought the club to the top of the pile in London.

Narcissism is our latest online moral panic

The rise in discourse about mental health and personality disorders has been a boon in some respects, but it doesn’t mean that all the new psychological terms we’ve learned are going in the right place. For I-D, Jessica Lucas explores a new trend of diagnosing instances of narcissism and love bombing that might be covering over the complex psychological reality of a real personality disorder.

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