International DJ and producer Mix Master Mike returns with latest explosive project 'Ready Slayer One'.

In the last few years, Mix Master Mike has completed a stadium tour supporting Metallica, showed a Virtual Reality project worldwide, made NFT history, and recently opened the Vancouver Winter Olympics. The premier and award-winning DJ and producer is making a triumphant return with new album, ‘Ready Slayer One’.


Mix Master Mike is an artist whose name often proceeds him. Having cultivated a career over three decades, his influence is such that the Mix Master has become a household name. From being named as  “The World’s Greatest DJ” by USA today, to winning Grammys, and being inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame, any output from Mike is hugely exciting. 


The new seventh studio album, ‘Ready Slayer One’ is an eighteen track masterclass. Moving from drum and bass banger “emrgncy” to drill inspired “postal”, Mike’s compositional skill shines through. All created on the classic hardware sample station, “Ensoniq ASR-10”, he proves he is much more than a man behind a set of turntables. With a new cinematic approach, combined with reliably imaginative tracks, this album looks set to be bigger than ever for Mix Master Mike.

Stream Mix Master Mike's new album now: