Noah Bouchard explores life’s ebb and flow in latest track ‘Reconnecting’, giving us a glimpse of the lo-fi rap that’s in store for his upcoming album.

Undisputed wordplay and easy-breezy bars are Noah Bouchard’s bread and butter. Encompassing a natural neoteric swagger, he taps into his soul’s most hidden corners, putting his twist on the rap scene with introspective lyricism that wrenches the heart. Viewing his latest track as the “peak in my journey”, the only way is up for the hotshot as he looks to release his forthcoming album that promises to be a punchy genre-blending treat.


Echoing the sounds of Loyle Carner, London-born Noah is only racking up accolades after accolades as he piques the ears of hotshot radio stations, BBC Radio 1Xtra and BBC Radio Wales. With utmost authenticity and a passion for crafting poetic lyrics that tackle some of life’s most fragile moments, the wordsmith has reaped the fruits of his efforts amassing over 3.5 million streams on Spotify as well as already having two sold-out intimate headline shows.


At the crux of ‘Reconnecting’ is whirlwinds of hope and self-discovery amidst it’s pulsating beats and intricate instrumentation. Against a backdrop of robust bass and punchy drums, Noah’s smooth wordplay takes centre stage as subtle guitar riffs tear up the soundscape. As the track unfolds a sudden poignant interlude comes into play , where Elina Lee’s delicate vocals sweep the soundscape before reaching the crescendo of the explosive final chorus.


Reflecting on the single, Noah shares, “’Reconnecting’ represents a peak in my journey, portraying the feeling of hope, self-discovery and confidence after overcoming and processing the challenges and difficulties of the past. I wanted to make a high-energy, motivational track that will give the listener the same emotions I felt while creating”.

Listen to 'Reconnecting' now: