South London artist Tyrxne tells a sultry story in the video for his latest track, 'Red'.

Since his debut in 2021, south London artist Tyrxne has been making waves. With a DIY approach, the artist has crafted his own sound merging elements of rap and R&B with a dark, gritty edge. A sharp lyricist with a knack for storytelling, Tyrxne’s tracks speak his truth, capturing different sides of his persona.


Latest single ‘Red’ shows his playful side. “‘Red’ is an invitation for a young woman to join me for the night,” he explains. “I can be very flirtatious – this track captures that.” Using visuals to add nuance to the tale, the track lands with a video that artfully tells the story both from Tyrxne’s point of view in the booth, and from an onlooker’s perspective.


Created entirely on his own – from making the beat in his bedroom to adding vocals in around four hours – Tyrxne is an artist who can do it all, but believes less is more. “My tracks are quite minimalistic, both production and vocally – for me, less is more,” he emphasises, speaking on his creative process. “I started with the synth, added drums, the vocal sample that I chopped up and finally the bass. Initially, I didn’t know what concept to go with lyrically, but I pressed record and said the first thing that came to my head: ‘My name’s Tyrone… come say hello.’ The track unfolded from there, as it was quite easy from that point. Everything flowed well.”

Watch the video for 'Red' now: