Wearer of multiple caps, skateboarder, DJ, actress, and artist Dede Lovelace is a modern-day renaissance woman.

Down-to-earth but a dreamer, skateboarder and actress Dede Lovelace is an inspiration in more ways than one. A self-described Philomath, who constantly yearns to learn, Lovelace is captivated by everything she does, finding ways to reinvent herself at every turn.


A multi-disciplinary creative who finds herself drawing from each aspect of her craft to develop a fulfilling personality, Lovelace is equally awe-worthy for her ability to master various skills as she is for honesty when it comes to struggling with time management. 


In conversation with Notion, the young talent reveals why art is her first love, how she motivates herself to chase her dreams, offers advice to other passionate creatives, and much more.

dede lovelace
dede lovelace

If you had to describe yourself and everything you do in three words for someone who doesn’t know you – what would those three words be and why?

Present, Philomath, lively.

I chose present because I am practicing being present and fully captivated in my art. I often get distracted by various things that consume our everyday attention. While these profiles are important, it is very easy to become disconnected from what matters. I’ve learned to be more present in my art and anything I put my time into. This wasn’t something I did naturally but I decided to take it to the next level. Because the more I put in the more I will receive.

The Philomath word was a little unusual, I wanted to find a word that embodied growth yet represents where I am in the present day. This word describes someone who loves learning and is open to education. It wasn’t until the past year that I started yearning for new techniques and classical references to innovate. I became bored and robotic, looking and processing the same things over and over. I started revisiting art, movies, and books that I loved when I was younger. Drawing back to when I felt freer and more open. I started reading more books and poems and found new ideas I’ve never heard of. Conversing deeply with friends who read a lot helped. Realizing more and more the power of information when applied correctly

Lively. As you can see I think a lot! Sometimes too much. So, when I let loose I get really silly. Whether it’s going out to a party with friends, improvising with my friend at her house, or rewatching some of the silliest movies I know. It all helps release stress. I’m naturally a very lively person, in the way that I joke and the way I try to make others laugh. I want everyone around me to remember how important it is to laugh and essentially remind myself.

Outside of skateboarding you’re an artist and a DJ, are there any other interests you’re keen to do on a more professional level soon?

Yes, art is my first love, my first language. It allows me to understand how to manoeuvre when creating and building new ideas from the ground up. Currently, I am focusing on building the brand of Skate Kitchen. We started out as a support team and grew to inspire women around the world to skateboard and find their people. I want to take Skate Kitchen to another level and essentially take a big leap into fashion and build the first-ever major all-women-owned skate brand.

What’s the best part of being a multi-disciplinary creative? What’s the most challenging part of balancing all these facets of your life?

Honestly, I don’t know if there is a best part for me. It’s a lot of work and proper time management. But if you want it badly you will do it. I love what I do but I would be lying if I said it was all fun. I am always being challenged by time management. Making sure I am dedicating the necessary time to each. There are hard days where I won’t be as proactive as I would like, but it’s about finding the right amount of fun and discipline.

dede lovelace
dede lovelace

How has each aspect of your life/career – skater, DJ, actor, etc – impacted the others? Are there any qualities or experiences you’ve taken from each that have influenced another?

I think that’s what I love most of all. That I’ve learned something from each aspect. Skateboarding definitely opened many doors. From the movie to the TV show, that all happened because of skateboarding. I wouldn’t have been a part of the movie if I didn’t go up to Nina who was skating at Lincoln centre (across from the high school we attended). My DJing allows me to understand how to navigate NYC nightlife and essentially people because social settings can get pretty overwhelming. I love acting because it strengthens my confidence and shows me how rewarding it is to be fully committed to your interests.

You’ve spoken about a time in your life where you wanted to quit. You’ve mentioned Nina Moran as someone who motivated you, but how else did you motivate yourself?

That’s a great question. I struggle with motivating myself sometimes, I think we all can relate to that. I’ve found that exercising helps me refocus and kickstart my motivation. That way it gets me out of the house, off my phone, and out of my head. But a lot of credit definitely goes to having a great friend who was able to help me.

As someone who wholeheartedly embraces and follows every passion that you have, what advice do you give to others who might feel demotivated in achieving their dreams?

I would definitely say to watch and follow specific people who motivate you. Watch their interviews if they have any, read books they speak about. I would also recommend making a plan, a 1-year plan, and a 5-year plan. Write down the details and have visual representations on your wall that you can look at as a daily reminder. Take it one step at a time.

Who inspires you – both on a professional and personal level?

A lot of people inspire me. I have a new artist I like every other month, ha! But I am inspired by 50 Cent. His story is insane. I love how he was able to keep going even when all odds were against him. He got shot 9 times, he was basically blackballed and everyone declined him in music, for about 10 years straight. But he kept going and now he has an amazing catalogue of music, one of the top shows on showtime (Power) and building up a fully-fledged TV production company.

Personally, I am inspired by the people in my circle who are also outside of my circle. Meaning, the group of friends I do have in my circle are not in the social circles I am usually working in. I have a small circle but for me, it’s quality, not quantity. I have a great mom who’s my bestie, a homegirl who is working to be an art curator. She’s so young but knows a lot of great black artists and upcoming artists. My other homegirl talks to me about the philosophy books she reads and pushes my thinking. I am inspired by these people because they invite me into their world and make me feel safe.

What would you say has been the most memorable moment of your career so far? What’s on your bucket list?

There is this house DJ named Kenny Dixon aka Moodymann. I love house music so I found him when I was in middle school, 8th grade. Moodymann isn’t really mainstream, if you follow house music you know who he is but the average person wouldn’t. He’s inspired my style in DJing and swag. So, one day I got a DM from him, a very nice long DM, but basically, I screamed when I saw he noticed me, let alone a DM. He was super uplifting and positive and that made my whole year. I have no idea how he came across me, but I can say that was the most memorable moment for me.