Celebrating its 10th year, preloved high fashion retailer RESEE is auctioning clothes donated by iconic female celebrities to raise funds for the Women For Women International charity.

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the pre-loved luxury fashion retailer ReSee has partnered with celebrities, including Cindy Sherman and Gillian Anderson, to auction historic pieces from their wardrobes and raise money for women suffering the consequences of conflict. 


Whether or not you can afford million-dollar clothes, ReSee’s philanthropic birthday party has a slice of something for everyone. First and foremost, the auction aims to draw attention to Women For Women International, a charity that helps female survivors of war rebuild their lives, which in the current climate is more important than ever. All net proceeds of these collectable garment sales will go directly to the organisation. You can discover the inspirational stories of women the charity supports online now.

Among the ten inspirational female icons whose closet showstoppers will be up for grabs are Cate Blanchett, Kim Kardashian, Cindy Sherman, Oprah Winfrey, Naomi Campbell, Gillian Anderson and Emma Chamberlain. All influential figures in pop culture and the arts, their contributions are a beautiful show of solidarity to some of the world’s most urgent matters. 


Don’t let eyewatering prices put you off engaging. For the fashion-curious, there is also fashion history to be found in the Paris-based reseller’s sale, which runs until April 30th. Two donated garments will be auctioned per day. Cate Blanchette’s Saint Laurent red-carpet gown, and Emma Chamberlain’s Louis Vuitton Capucine bag are both up for grabs today. Other highlights include the F/W 1991 Alaïa piece, which Kim Kardashian wore and subsequently broke the internet with in 2019, and an iconic ’90s Chanel runway look modelled by Naomi Campbell. 


Speaking about the initiative, ReSee co-founder Sofia Bernardin shares, “As a business founded by women, female empowerment has always been a guiding principle at ReSee.”


Tap into ReSee’s charity auction here.