Indie-pop sweetheart Rosanna navigates the complexities of youth, love and self-discovery in debut EP, ‘Restless’.

Rosanna’s world is a realm imbued with creativity. It is a place where her artistry sees no boundaries. Where pop and indie walk hand in hand, masterfully melding together like a missing piece to a puzzle. Letting us take a glimpse into her fantastical world, her debut EP, Restless, is an ode to this shapeshifting artistry, standing as a whirlwind of ethereal folk, pop and indie that takes her sound to greater heights.


The four-track EP brings together some of Rosanna’s proudest tracks in celebration of her eclectic songwriting and multifaceted approach. The project showcases two previously acclaimed singles including ‘What it takes to leave’, a shimmering synth-pop anthem that explores the courage to leave a damaging situation, and ‘Need You To Say’, a sultry make-up banger riddled with an infectious beat that nods to the rhythmic qualities of 90’s R&B.


As she explores themes of love, heartbreak and resurrection, Rosanna unveils two new tracks on Restless: ‘Pennies’ explores anthemic 80’s inspired nuances, whilst ‘June Rain’ stands as a celestial folk-pop piece, written during lockdown. As the EP progresses, the soundscapes begin to fill with layers of poignant lyricism that pulls at the heart, as we witness Rosanna’s mind run fast as she yearns and searches for answers.


Rosanna expresses her excitement about the EP, stating: “I’ve always felt restless, not knowing if I’m doing things right. This EP is a collection of songs I’m really proud of, and with it, I wanted to celebrate the eclectic nature of my songwriting, which is itself restless, constantly in flux.”

Listen to 'Restless' now: