Blonds latest EP release 'Retrospective' is a nostalgic dive into past events, using sounds of decades gone.

Blonds is a moniker under which the hugely talented Luciano Thomas has released over a dozen singles and EPs. The latest in the artist’s collection, new EP ‘Retrospective’, is a set of three tracks that take a dive into the past. As always from the artist, expect immaculate guitar, laidback beach vibes, and a DIY attitude.


A musician and painter from Long Beach, California, Blonds studied oil painting alongside being a self-taught singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Further demonstrating his creative capabilities as he explores filmmaking in the visuals for his new tracks, the artists writes, performs, records, and engineers almost his entire catalogue himself. 


Eagerly-awaited EP ‘Retrospective’ blends influences from across five decades. In the artist’s words, the three tracks range from “reverb soaked 80s indie new wave tropes”, “60s pop instrumentation and structure”, to “elements of 70s acoustic pop with late 90s acoustic pop to give it a catchy, easy-listening vibe”. He also discusses how “Additionally, the term “retrospective” usually refers to a look back upon an artist’s body of work, and as a painter I’ve included my paintings in the background of the cover art as well as framed the cover art to appear as a painting hanging on a white gallery wall.” Welcoming a new era for Blonds, we are shown that the opportunities for creative innovation are endless. 

Stream 'Retrospective' below: