South London duo, PELA, share their dreamy new track, "Reverie."

Formed of Olly Shelton and Hannah Coombes, “Reverie” is PELA’s third release so far – the band started sharing their tunes just this year. Despite their newcomer status, PELA are flexing their musical prowess already, and their ability is clear on “Reverie”.


“A lot of love went into Reverie,” PELA say. “Both in terms of the time it took to get the sound and the way we both feel towards it. We had 4 or 5 different versions with different vocals/productions, each with unique endpoints. We landed on this version as it captures what the song is about – a dreamlike state. Dom Walker is on the sax, he’s pretty much an honorary PELA member and really added a lot to this one.”


Finding a corner for themselves in the electric dream-pop space, PELA’s new tune features warm, smooth vocals from Hannah and production from Olly.


In terms of the vibrant artwork, PELA explained that it came from a photo they took in LA: “It was this Wes Anderson-y looking house on a canal and on closer look, had a monkeyinside it (that we absolutely didn’t approve of) but it worked and we feel the artwork contributes to the whole world of ‘Reverie'”.


Dive into "Reverie" below:


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