Self-taught producer and DJ, NIKS, unleashes euphoric soundscapes in her latest single ‘Riding Senses’.

NIKS is no stranger to the dance floor. Riding the rapture of her impressive summer roster with appearances at Glastonbury, Panorama Bar and Lost Village, she drops her latest offering, ‘Riding Senses’, a groovy anthem showcasing her mastery in crafting sonic odysseys capable of stirring emotions and moving bodies.


Renowned for her sets that meet at the intersection of contemporary UK dance music and sounds from the past and present of the underground scene, NIKS is a DJ and producer who can only be defined by her devotion to the scene.


As syncopated drums unravel alongside a wiggly bass line, chopped vocals and distant whistles set the scene. The soundscape of ‘Riding Senses’ is rich, evoking the sensation of navigating through various zones at a bustling rave. The production carries an aura of acid-tinged obscurity, with cascading synths weaving through the mix.


The track isn’t just merely a fleeting dance floor experience; it stands as the pinnacle of the night. Its radiant, high-octane soundscapes capture a surge of connection and catharsis, marking another notch in the belt of an essential voice.

Listen to 'Riding Senses' now:


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