Discover how 44REEL is shaping the Staten Island Drill scene and making musical waves.

The Emergence of Staten Island Drill

In the vast and vibrant landscape of New York City’s drill scene, a new chapter is being written by Staten Island’s 44REEL. This 24-year-old rapper is not just participating in the scene; he’s defining it, bridging the gap between the traditional drill hubs of The Bronx and Brooklyn and his home borough. Known as the potential face of Staten Island Drill, 44REEL’s unique sound and relentless drive are catapulting him into the spotlight.


44REEL’s Musical Journey

Born Bobby Hart, 44REEL hails from the neighbourhood of Great Kills in Staten Island. His environment profoundly influenced his personal and musical identity, imbuing his tracks with a raw and authentic flavour that resonates with fans across the boroughs. Influenced by artists like Curly Savv, 44REEL’s music delivers a powerful blend of aggression and lyricism, which he describes as, “violent and rugged, yet still meaningful and catchy.”


Despite his fierce independence, collaboration is at the heart of 44REEL’s work. He has recently joined forces with key players in the Bronx drill movement, such as Jay Hound and Jay5ive from Sweepers, and their collaborative track ‘Please Don’t Run’ has already surpassed 100,000 streams across platforms, establishing 44REEL and his collaborators as pioneers of the Staten Island drill scene.


Bridging Boroughs with Beats

44REEL’s impact on the NYC drill scene is undeniable. Once overlooked, Staten Island is now a recognised force, thanks in no small part to 44REEL’s efforts. His music not only showcases his borough but also unites diverse neighbourhoods through shared beats and stories. This unity is particularly evident in his tracks, which often feature collaborations that span the city’s geography.


For 44REEL, music is more than just entertainment; it’s a platform for expression and cultural commentary. He aims to inspire his listeners to channel their energies into creative pursuits with a broader impact. As he continues to grow in the drill scene, 44REEL remains focused on innovation and authenticity, ensuring that Staten Island’s voice is heard loud and clear in the ever-evolving narrative of New York drill.


You can follow 44REEL’s journey by listening to his latest tracks on Spotify and keeping up with him on Instagram. As Staten Island’s drill scene thrives, keep an eye on 44REEL — a true pioneer making waves and breaking boundaries.


With new projects on the horizon and a passion that burns brighter by the day, 44REEL is not just participating in the drill scene — he’s leading it.

Listen to 'War' now: