NGC have dropped their intriguing new single, "River".

The key to the music of NGC (that’s New General Catalogue) is a meeting of the musical minds. It’s the product of a highly fruitful collaboration between artists FantasyFile and TsarJoe, who have decided that in writing meaningful and relatable tunes that capture the vibrancy of the human experience, two heads are better than one. The resulting music is a carefully calibrated mix of two perspectives, enhanced by the sharing of different ideas.


They come from a variety of backgrounds, mixing Nigerian, Jamaican and Saint Lucian heritage, but they now reside in South London, which has become their base for experimental music-making that pays little attention to boundaries. Together, they probe at what electronica can be, and how it can be altered and reshaped through intriguing production.


Take their new song, “River”, a fascinating piece of ambient music that creates an ambiguous and emotionally varied landscape for the listener to bring their own experiences. In doing so, the sensibilities of the listener mix in with the insights brought by NGC, creating an experience that will be different for everyone.


On the song, they say, “River is song about insecurities in a relationship and how fear of being replaced by another human being can affect how you see someone in a relationship. when there is a lack of trust and no trust placed in your partner human beings tend to place their trust in the wrong things. Hence the lyric ‘place your trust in me baby’. River to us is a song that is reflective both of our mood and experiences in life, coupled with our desire to make music that is both introspective and wide ranging in its ability to place people in a desired mindstate.”

Listen here: