Hamburg-hailing duo RIVER let loose their sophomore single “Dance in the Darkness”.

At the core of RIVER’s music is nature: most of their songs were created in the Sequoia National Park, while others were written on the road in South Africa, Venice, and elsewhere. Following their electro-pop bop “Inappropriate”, the Hamburg-based California-grown pairing RIVER are taking flight with their second single.


“Dance in the Darkness” is led by murky basslines and propelled forward by husky, suave vocals. Its grooving chorus is difficult to stay still to.


On the single, RIVER have said: “Walking through the night, really feeling the blasting music on your earbuds can be such a trip. Tired and hazy thoughts come and go and the city turns into some mystical place. A place to dance your troubles away.”

Watch the music video for "Dance in the Darkness" below: