Kelsey Gill has dropped a slick single, "Rob Me Blind".

Kelsey Gill has hit the ground running in her career, becoming a valued collaborator of the likes of the production duo YellowClaw and DJ Snake amongst others, but it’s solo material that’s really ignited her passion. Working behind the scenes for years on her first release, she’s now burst onto the scene with a compelling statement of intent.


Her debut single, “Rob Me Blind”, is an effortlessly confident work of pop describing an unconventional take on relationships that stakes down Gill’s place as an artist who knows her own value and is intent on showing the world. Catchy with an insistent beat and a memorable chorus, it’s sure to become an earworm amongst Gill’s rapidly growing fanbase.


She says, “I’ve been working quietly behind the scenes on my debut album for several years both in the UK and the US. It’s a dream come true working with Good Partners who have let me have total control of the kind of music I want to make. This record is about strength and independence which has been my driving force since breaking into the music industry. It’s a feel-good song with a touch of old skool funk. I’ve been honing my craft for the last 4 years developing who I am as an artist and can’t wait to see what 2022 has instore.”


Having worked so hard for years before, it’s certain that Gill is set to reap the rewards in 2022 as she continues to show listeners what to expect from her debut project.

Watch the music video here: