Fast becoming the queen of nostalgia pop, Boh Doran, returns with her latest nostalgia-fuelled EP 'Robot Girl'.

Having dabbled in many genres from pop to electronic, to synth-wave and R&B, LA singer-songwriter Boh Doran has finally settled on her sound. Inspired by the likes of The Cranberries and Third Eye Blind, with her latest EP ‘Robot Girl’, the artist leans into a classic 90s sound, imbuing it with a modern twist. As she calls it, her latest EP is like the “Clueless soundtrack, but twenty years late.” And the reason she’s drawn to this throwback pop landscape? The artist explains, “It’s like a time-capsule-alternate-universe that I transport myself to.” 


The project has been two years in the making, and as well as being a great work of DIY, it also involved collaborating with an array of other great artists and producers. Each song glitters with that nostalgic 90s sound, with most of the songs written solely by Boh. The title track is a sweet-as-bubblegum pop bop, while “Answer Machine” ebbs into a more Cranberries-inspired indie-rock vibe. There’s also a bouncing cover of Harvey Danger’s “Flagpole Sitta”. Boh produced a lot of the EP too, something she was keen to do, with help from John Spiker. The collaboration proved fruitful, as John completely understood Boh’s 90s vision, with the pair sharing many of the same references.


With features on playlists such as Spotify’s New Music Fridays, Created by Women and Fresh Finds, Boh’s star is only set to keep on rising with the release of ‘Robot Girl’.

Listen to 'Robot Girl' below: