Infusing her creative process inside playful inflatable structures, Dublin-born menswear designer Robyn Lynch unravels what it means to be Irish in her debut exhibition.

What could be more enticing than designs presented through the medium of bouncy castles? Not much! The brains behind these whimsical figurations are none other than the daring figurehead of the British fashion scene, Robyn Lynch, whose eclectic inflatables are centre stage in her inaugural exhibition. Titled Greetings From Ireland, the exhibition—to be held at NOW Gallery—is a spotlight on the vibrancy of her artist vision, as well as an introduction to her eponymous menswear label, a longstanding standout in the industry.

Opening its doors next month, the exhibition at its crux is centred on Lynch’s Irish roots. Serving as testament to the essence of being Irish, Greetings From Ireland embraces the nostalgia of childhood affairs, whilst delving into the freedom of expression from an era before the omnipresence of social media. Expect a myriad of green shamrocks hidden throughout the installation, as Lynch subverts so-called tacky stereotypes in her tasteful motifs.

The Woolmark Prize finalist is following in the footsteps of distinguished British talent including Matty Bovan, Nicholas Daley and Molly Goddard, all of whom have previously adorned the walls of NOW Gallery. This cadre of designers all transformed their space to not only showcase their work but to also embody their true identity as designers.

Working with Irish artist, Rory Mullen to manifest inflatable castles to bring a youthful dimension to nostalgic themes, expect to be enveloped within a playful realm. Once inside the bouncy structure, visitors will be able to see her design process, offering insights into the initial research phase and behind-the-scenes moments from her recent collections. The Irish has additionally partnered with KEPLER Interactive to craft an interactive installation that allows visitors to don her garments through the use of motion sensors.

When asked about what it means to be awarded the NOW Gallery commission, Lynch said: “Being awarded the NOW Gallery 2023 Fashion Commission has been a monumental moment for my brand. I have been an admirer of the NOW Gallery fashion commission since it was established in 2015, when I got the opportunity to assist on Phoebe English’s commission whilst interning at the brand.”

Robyn Lynch’s Greetings From Ireland exhibition will open from December 6, 2023, to February 25, 2024, at NOW Gallery in London.