Adam Aronson's new song embraces optimism in the face of adversity.

Adam Aronson has been making his name recently on thoughtful tunes that embrace difficult questions of how to keep going in the face of adversity such as “Bets and Blame” and “When The Tornado Comes”, with the former song earning a prestigious spot on the Country Music playlist on Spotify.


His latest single, “Rock Bottom” continues that theme with an even bolder musical style. Putting Aronson’s soulful vocals to the forefront, the track embraces a tenacious, hard-earned optimism that comes from the paradoxical understanding that suffering can lead the path towards something better.


There’s a spirit of free-for-all to the music, an enthusiastic layering of different instruments that indicates Aronson’s willingness to play around within his thoughtful register – an intriguing contrast to the emotional melancholy his lyrics often display.


On the song, Aronson says, “This song is about finding a feeling of hope and limitless possibility whilst also living through a moment of rock-bottom acceptance. It’s about the idea that, just when you think that you’ve hit rock bottom, you discover that there exists something so much lower, but also much higher.”

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