Premiere: Beck Pete shares the joyful new tune, "Romantic"; a work of unfiltered optimism.

The struggles of life, and the way that everyday heartbreaks can get us down, can be common themes for music, and have certainly helped to inspire some memorable tunes in the past. But what if, instead of focusing on life’s adversities and the pain they cause, we turned our attention to the inherent good of the everyday?


That’s the mission of alt-pop artist Beck Pete, whose latest single, “Romantic”, is a work of unfiltered optimism. In the song, Pete celebrates the beauty of the small things that surround us, and the potential of even the dark things in life to be redeemed. At its heart, it’s a celebration of how real love can be found anywhere in life, and doesn’t have to be entangled with notions of pain as a necessity.


It’s accompanied by a kinetic music video that sees Pete explore her house through the medium of dance, turning an everyday locale into a canvas for joyful art in a perfect encapsulation of the layered but ultimately redemptive ethos of the song.


On the tune, Pete says, “At the risk of sounding more hippie than I choose to admit I am, haha, I think we can all agree that there’s a very nuanced beauty and romance to this life, our part in it, and how one thing always leads to another. Even if we aren’t able to access joy as a result of it all of the time, we can at the very least acknowledge that the sparkly parts are ever-present.”

Watch the music video here: