Sleep Walking Animals show off their harmonic melodies and indie-folk sound with their latest release “Romy”.

The six men who make up Sleep Walking Animals have described themselves as ‘self-confessed reprobates with choir boy pipes’, a conflict which is resolved in the harmonious melodies of their music. Hailing from Manchester, the band are bonded by a strong sense of brotherhood which has guided their journey so far. 


Their latest song, “Romy” captures everything the band is best known for: evocative folk tunes, choral harmonies and poetic lyricism. They’re one of the bands paving the way for the indie-folk genre, mirroring the talents of musicians like Fleet Foxes and Talking Heads. 


Despite having six members, their music never feels cluttered as they manage to create mesmerising guitar riffs that perfectly complement one another, perhaps a side effect of their long-standing bond as friends. 


The band is comprised of Tom Glynn-Carney (vocals), Joe Etherington (guitar, vocals), Jack Brett (bass, vocals), Alex Parker (guitar), Nuwan Hugh Perera (keys, vocals) and Bill Caple (drums) as their music manages to make the most of their diverse range of talents. Tom Glynn-Carney’s vocals draw listeners in as he sings what the band have described on their Instagram as ‘a fictional tale’ in this latest single. 


Their musical journey has already been one of success having been featured on Tom Robinson’s BBC Radio 6 Mixtape and on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch. They also have strong stage presence, having performed at a UK tour with sold-out venues in London and Manchester. 


With their latest single “Romy” released today, it’s the perfect time to become a fan of the band’s modern take on folk music as they continue to make a name for themselves in the UK music scene. 

Stream "Romy" below: