Rapta releases the dancehall-inspired track “Rosé” ahead of an imminent album.

Rapta, aka Matthew Raposo, made his musical debut in 2017. Since then, the US-based artist and producer has released a string of singles, and performed at prominent venues in his hometown of Boston. His newest track “Rosé”, has been released as part of a two-track mini-ep, in the run-up to the artist’s imminent album.


Growing up just outside Boston, Rapta cites a roster of hip-hop legends as his inspirations from 50 Cent and Lil Wayne to Mac Miller and Drake. Teaching himself software like GarageBand and Logic, he started making his own music, as well as uploading videos of covers and remixes to YouTube and Soundcloud.


Years later, Rapta’s journey has built him a dedicated fanbase as he unites various genres in his music. Latest track “Rosé” has dancehall-esque percussion and a strong bassline, demonstrating Rapta’s strong rhythms alongside his heartfelt bars. Discussing the track, he explains: “Rosé is one of those tracks that’s tough for me to let go of because it’s pretty vulnerable lyrically. Although I’ve exposed myself to many tracks in the past, it never seems to get easier but on a positive note – you can dance to this one!

Stream "Rapta" below: