Glam rockers Royal Sugar show their flamboyance on new single “Fleeting Love”, a shimmering fusion of present and past.

Royal Sugar’s Tyler Cohenour (frontman) and Garrett Carr (bass/vocals) first met at college in Florida, where they hail from. Growing up, both artists had a penchant for rock and roll artists like AC/DC, and upon meeting for the first time, they quickly realised that they were music soulmates. Since, the duo have relocated to East Nashville. Inspired by the city’s rich rock history, valuing the influence of Jack White and Kings of Leon, Royal Sugar are revamping 80s nostalgia for their own take on modern pop.


A product of pandemic isolation, Royal Sugar officially formed in 2021. The band used TikTok to amass a following of Gen Z fans who are hungry for their contemporary take on glam rock. The band’s page now has over 60k followers and nearly one million likes. On their recent internet fame, Choenour says We were blown away by how many people on there shared the same desires that we did to see this rock resurgence, specifically people who like pop and glam rock.” Much of their success thus far is thanks to a cover of Harry Style’s “Medicine”, which they were inspired to make after seeing him in Nashville on tour.


“Fleeting Love” is the second single the band’s released since their viral cover. A shimmering fusion of present and past music, the track addresses toxic relationships in their trademark style. It’s a timeless narrative that everyone can relate to and will surely propel the duo into further stardom.

Stream "Fleeting Love" below: