Finnish artist Roye reveals a very relatable new single titled “Exhausted”.

Feeling tired? Finnish singer, songwriter and studio engineer Roye gets you and has summed up all our emotions in one impactful track.


“Exhausted” follows a number of promising singles from the 22-year-old. Since his arrival in 2019, Roye has put his dexterous production skills to good use, creating billowy soft soundscapes with a modern pop twist. “Exhausted” stays true to his melancholy, honest style.


On his latest single, Roye has said: “I wrote first version of ‘Exhausted’ together with my friend Joona Moilanen just before moving to Berlin in 2019. I was moving out of my home for 20 years, alone to a different country. I had to leave all my friends, relationships, job, etc. behind and I was so exhausted about starting totally from scratch. I had worked 4 jobs (Sales, Coaching, Gigs, Booking Agency) at the same time that spring and was about to burn-out, before quitting most of it at the same time. In the writing-session I had to keep on saying, that I don’t want the song to be a love song but rather about Burning Out and depression. I finished the writing and production of the song early 2021.”


With a number of songs still to come from Roye this year, we’re looking forward to what’s stowed away up the young artist’s sleeve.

Listen to "Exhausted" below: