Brooklyn based artist and producer, Richie Quake, returns with his new retro pop single “Rules”.

Known as a singer-songwriter who has poured his heart into his past projects and EPs since 2017, Richie Quake released his first single of 2021 titled “Sensitive” earlier this year. Adding to his catalogue of R&B-infused indie-pop, “Sensitive” earned high praise from press and editorial playlists alike.


Richie now makes another return with his latest track “Rules”. The song came together in less than an hour as an emotional creative burst experienced while going through a difficult time in a relationship. Exploring elements of pop, R&B, and psychedelic influences, Richie delivers his signature falsetto vocals that groove effortlessly over warped, sultry guitar riffs and vintage synth sounds.


“Rules is about falling in love with someone against your better judgement and the confusion or guilt that comes along when love and bad timing coincide,” explains Ritchie. “In my last relationship, I fell for my ex-girlfriend when I was still dating someone else and, even though I tried hard to deny my feelings, I still ended up giving in to my desires and breaking my own rules.”



With the release of “Rules”, Richie Quake continues to make strides to the top, pointing towards an exciting 2021 with many more releases to come.

Listen to "Rules" below: