Boasting a contemporary sound, Sangstaa's new single "RUN!" is an immediate vibe.

Los Angeles-based rapper, singer, and producer Sangstaa (real name Sangyeok Lee) has been building a name for himself with a modern rap/R&B hybrid sound that is always emotive and personal.


Now partnered with Steve Walker (Gladys Knight), Sangstaa has dropped his fresh new tune “RUN!”, produced by Luke White (XXXTentacion, Nafla). Releasing music since 2017, Sangstaa has two albums under his belt and almost 20 singles. “RUN!” is his third single this year, following “Dramatic” and “Oops!”.


Hailing from South Korea and North Carolina, Sangstaa immediately found himself drawn to American hip-hop. With a pair of musical parents (his mother a pianist, his father a guitarist), an innate musicality ran through Sangstaa’s blood and creative expression was always encouraged.


His moniker derived from a childhood joke – when his friend’s parent caught him fighting in the neighborhood, she jokingly called him ‘Sangstaa’, a play on Sanghyeok – and he was known as “a lil gangsta who can sing.” 

Listen below: