California based rising punk star Nashon unveils summer-ready anthem ahead of his new EP, MARTYR; ACT III.

As the sun climbs higher and the days grow longer, indie punk enthusiasts brace themselves for a seismic shift in the musical landscape. Jersey-born, California-based artist Nashon is set to ignite the start of summer with his electrifying single, ‘runaway’ promising a high-octane journey through the twists and turns of fervent romance. 


Crafted in collaboration with the acclaimed producer Famous Friend, the single emerges as a potent blend of adrenaline-fueled euphoria. Nashon’s rebellious spirit shines through in every riff, as surf rock collides with slacker percussion, propelling listeners into a lawless joyride towards a hazy sunset. 


For Nashon, ‘runaway’ marks a pivotal moment of evolution, a departure from his hip-hop origins into the realm of melodic indie pop/rock. “Indie rock vibes were the easiest for me to sing, so I ran with it,” he shares, hinting at the effortless synergy between his vocals and the genre’s pulsating energy. 


Drawing inspiration from alt-rock and indie pop luminaries like Steve Lacy, Jean Dawson, and TeezoTouchdown, Nashon’s sonic palette is as diverse as it is captivating. ‘runaway’ serves as the opening salvo from his forthcoming EP, MARTYR; ACT III, the culmination of his acclaimed MARTYR series. Through this musical odyssey, Nashon delves deep into themes of personal growth, spirituality, and the tumultuous terrain of the human psyche, inviting listeners to join him on a journey of self-discovery. 


As a singer-songwriter, Nashon continues to push the boundaries of his craft, sculpting a sound that is uniquely his own. With ‘runaway’, he delivers a scintillating anthem for the summer and cements his status as a true visionary in the indie punk scene. 

Listen to 'runaway' now: