Swiss pop hotshot Angii Burkart releases her most intimate track to date, ‘Running’.

Intricate yet resonate, stands Angii Burkart’s artistry. Threading raw emotion through every lyric she pens and sings, it’s the seamless collation with grandiose orchestral elements that takes her pop prowess to choir crescendos. Not knowing whether to cry, shudder or sway, when hearing her music, each track is like an open-ended question as she delves into the convoluted depths of human emotions. Yet it’s her latest track, ‘Running’, that sees her producing her most personal work to date and in Angii’s eyes is the “best song I’ve ever written”.


Providing a sneak peek into her upcoming debut EP slated for release this year, if ‘Running’ is anything to go by, then her EP promises to be a hauntingly folk-pop treat. Through a melancholic production, swirling synths and a high-octane piano melody sweep the soundscape with an uncanny edge. The instrumentation is nothing short of eerie, with Angii’s commanding yet emotive vocals gracing the intriguing composition effortlessly.


Amidst the 3 minutes of ‘Running’ we hear folk nuances come into the spotlight. From the tender plucking of acoustic guitars to the spellbinding rhythm of drums, her genre-defying artistry permeates the thickest of glass as she leaves listeners torn between shedding a tear, feeling a shiver down their spine or simply swaying to her music.

Listen to 'Running' now: