The Nottingham born singer-songwriter hops between his hometown and London for his latest visuals.

Here, there and everywhere; there’s nowhere that Joel Baker can’t pick up acoustic guitar and blast out something epic – and the visuals for his latest release prove it. Filmed between London and Nottingham, two cities within which Baker feels most at home, the video seeks to capture the feeling of being alone in a crowded space. While the scenery surrounding Baker might differ depending on the city he’s in, the people that observe him all have the same reactions; confusion and surprise. I mean, it’s not often you see such raw musical talent live on the street.

“For the video, I teamed up with my favourite visual collaborator George Baxter.” Baker tells us. “With the help of George’s brother, we found some quirky spots and improvised. We revisited some nostalgic places too. My first work place, The Malt Cross, where I washed pots and peeled potatoes for two years. The city ground where I went to watch football with my Dad. And also Westminster where I used to work for an MP. But that’s a story for another time!” 

"Rupi Kaur" by Joel Baker

The track itself was a reaction to a drunk text and phone-call from an ex. It was an opportunity for Baker to write from the perspective as something other than the victim, something we so commonly find in love songs. “The song is called Rupi Kaur because the girl was the type to post Rupi quotes on Instagram. Fresh flowers from Columbia Rd. Oat Milk everything. Edgy and authentic gadgets from Urban Outfitters. Insta story after Insta story of fortune cookie philosophy,” he says of his thought process behind the track. 

It’s also the first release from his new four-track EP, Winter Dreams, which is a little teaser of what we can expect from his debut album which is set to drop next year. If “Rupi Kaur” and it’s striking visuals are anything to go by, we’re in for a treat.

Winter Dreams is out now.