Singer-songwriter Jason Dmore releases his brand-new track "Rush".

Jason Dmore has returned with the release of his latest track “Rush” hosted by Ne-Yo. The track is an upbeat, feel-good track filled with summer energy and poolside vibes.


Growing up in Brooklyn, Jason Dmore found himself surrounded by many negative influences, but as a young man, he turned towards dance as a positive outlet to express his personality and creativity.


After being presented with a contract by a major recording label, Jason turned down the offer after doing his own research. With confidence in his own talents, the singer-songwriter decided to go independent and take full control of his career.


Now based in Philadelphia, Jason is pursuing a full-time career as a singer and songwriter, alongside running his own company. He is a firm believer that all artists should recognise their own worth in their industry and doing so will lead them to success.

Watch the music video for 'Rush' below: