With over one billion streams, a loyal following, and her dedication to honesty, it’s no wonder that Ruth B. continues to impress. 

With recent drop “Dirty Nikes” and her sophomore record soon on its way, Ruth B.  continues to evolve and grow as an artist while staying unashamedly true to herself along the way.


Imagery, poetry, and visceral feelings are the cornerstones of Ruth B.’s work. Personal and yet relatable all in one swoop, her music is a perfect blend of soulful pop, highlighting her vocal talent, lyrical ability and instrumental skills.


Finding success early in her career with her hit single “Lost Boy” back in 2015, Ruth has continued to put out music that touches her listeners. With a dedication to storytelling and creativity, her songs resonate deeply while entertaining all at once.


We spoke with Ruth about her sound, where she draws inspiration from, her upcoming album, and much more.

ruth b
ruth b
After your success with “Lost Boy”, what was most important to you moving forward as an artist?
The most important thing for me was definitely remaining true to my sound and art. I wanted to keep telling stories that were true to me and also grow as a songwriter.

Your sound has evolved quite a bit. What experiences or which artists have been some of your biggest influences on new music over the years?

I think I draw inspiration from a lot of different artists. I really grew a love for poetry and reading a lot of it heavily inspired my writing. Lauryn Hill is someone I’ve always looked up to and her album shaped me as a writer as well.

Talk us through your track, “Dirty Nikes”. What was the inspiration behind the song?

This song was inspired by the feeling of wanting to let go of something but not knowing how and the little things that remind us of people. Even if it’s as small as a pair of shoes.

ruth b
ruth b

Why do you think the imagery of “Dirty Nikes” so perfectly encapsulates the nostalgia of a relationship?

I’ve always loved to incorporate imagery into my writing. I think the image of a pair of beat-up runners kind of looks like what a broken relationship is.

You also put out a moving song, “If I Have A Son”, this past summer in response to the Black Lives Matter movement. What compelled you to share your feelings through music, and this song in particular?

It was a song I had always wanted to write I just didn’t know how. That time really pushed me to sit and just be honest when writing. It’s something that a lot of people go through and I just wanted to somehow say it in the way I know best.

It sounds like almost all of your songs come from a very personal place. Do you ever find it difficult to share that with the world, or is it therapeutic?

Sometimes it’s more difficult than others but I think the best songs are honest songs and the ones that come from a real and raw place.

Throughout the COVID-19 stay at home measures, artists have had to get creative with how they showcase music and connect to fans. One way in which you did this was through the ‘She Can Stem’ concert in Minecraft. What was that experience like and do you think these types of performances will become more and more common?

That was a really cool experience. Seeing myself as an avatar was super cool. I think you just have to be as creative as possible now. Times are so different and I think the internet is definitely going to be a way for live music to live on for a little while.

ruth b

We’ve also heard you have a second album coming out next year. Can you tell us anything about it?

I’m very excited to share this upcoming project. It’s been in the works for a while now so I’m just anticipating having people finally hear it. It’s going to sound a little different but still very much storyteller.

In the future, if you could collaborate with any one artist, who would it be and why?

I would love to sing with Chris Martin of Coldplay. I love that band and him as a writer. He also has my favourite voice.

Finally, what do you hope fans and listeners take away from your music?

I hope they find the space to be themselves and to feel understood. I want them to know they’re never alone in anything.

Watch the "Dirty Nikes" music video below: