NY-based duo Quiet Friend drop the visuals for their latest release.

Earlier this year, NY-based band, Quiet Friend, released their self-titled debut LP after three years in the making. A new project by Nick Zanca (formerly Mister Lies), Steven Rogers and Alex Thompson, the project was an opportunity to create an on-going collaboration that called upon the many talented creatives the trio have worked with.

The first single from the album was the soaring “Safe”. “It was in one of the first batch of demos that Steven, our co-producer Alex Thompson and I put together for this album,” Zanca tells me. “It went through many disparate drafts, but from the first we hoped to encapsulate the kind of claustrophobic night out where sub-bass and shallow conversation become indistinguishable – a sort of “coming home” soundtrack from a bad night out with fake friends.

The video for the release has finally made it’s debut. Directed by newcomer Jeff Mertz, the vid follows a young woman (movement artist Emily Rose Cannon) as she makes her way through a variety of different boroughs, before being overcome with the need to dance. “I think they captured the inner scream of this music beautifully,” Zanca enthuses. Visually striking with amazing vocals and an 80s synth-filled beat to match, “Safe” is not one to miss.

"Safe" by Quiet Friend